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Why it’s so marvy?
First of all it is marvelous because it’s based on the awesome Font Awesome.
Cheers! To FA-Team!
It is for Axure which rules and other mocking tools could be Axure’s bitches.
Oh Snap!
Sorted like it should be (or shouldn’t)
It bloody hell works.
How to use
Font Awesome 5 library for Axure 8
Follow the steps below to start using the library

1. Download the FA5 package and extract it

2. Open the “Fonts” folder and install all font files you find there

If you do not know how to install a font, check out some instructions
How to install font on Windows
How to install font on Mac

3. Copy the “FontAwesome-5.1-AxureGuru.rplib” file to any location on your computer. Location that you find propriate for this kind of stuff (i.e. you know you will not wipe it out soon)

4. If (the best wireframing application ever created) Axure is opened, close it

5. Open Axure

6. Load library into Axure via burger menu in Libraries section

7. Drag from the Library the awesome Font Awesome icons to your project to enlighten it. Then change the icons size or color just like you would do with normal font.

Now when you are able to work with the icons, you should make sure that they will be attached to your exported prototype so others can see them.

You can do it by following below steps of one of two solutions .

This solution is based on the RP file from the package.

8. Copy the
FontAwesome-5.2-Axure-8-AxureGuru.rp or
to your project folder.

9. Change the file name

10. Use it

This solution is based on manual configuration of your .rp file. It will work with original .css file that you can find on the Font Awesome webpage or on my CDN.

8. Having your Axure opened, go to “Publish -> Generate HTML Files” section in top menu (or just press F8)

9. Open “Web Fonts” tab and prepare for some „axuremagic”

9.1. Make sure that “include Web Fonts” checkbox is checked

9.2. Press the green plus button to add new Web Font

9.3. Type in the name (preferably the font name you’ll use like “FontAwesome5”, but also placing stuff like “I_luv_Axure_Guru” or “SuckItSketch” will do the trick)

9.4. Keep “link to .css file” radio checked

9.5. Paste into the “URL” field link to the official Font Awesome CDN:
Or use link to your private CDN.

10. Press “Generate” to generate the enlightened mock-up.
Or (this is gonna be a good one) press “Close” to apply your settings (Seriously Axure Team? Close for saving? Dudes…)

So…Hey you! Come on! Come to have fun!

If you know what i mean 😉

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